Interview lala Berlin Journal

"Marc Schuhmann is an artist of the old school. Watching his photography enables a deep inside into the man behind his camera, his opinions and his mind. When meeting him you are able to feel his passion and creativity."


Interview C-Heads Reckless Issue 

“I like to improvise. I keep the moment lively while I shoot the girls so that they are surprised about the idea I am telling to them, and in exactly that moment I take the picture.” The shots of Berlin based photographer Marc Schuhmann spread what we love – raw instants, wild beauty, far away from any dull staged looking high-polished shots. And you can feel the passion that he puts into each single image as well as the energy between photographer and model. 

“Sometimes the situation appears to be magic, even almost erotic. It is as if you see a girl on the other side of the road, and you fall in love with her at first sight. Sometimes it feels like that.”


Interview SLASH / MUSE 

Marc Schuhmann, inherent part of Berlin’s art and fashion scene. Seriously, go to any party during Fashion Week and ask if they know Marc Schuhmann. If they don’t, it was a Scandinavian tourist you talked to. When time travelling is finally happening, I wish a brainstorm session for him with Georges Bataille and Theodor Fontane at Weinerei. I have never seen a girl showering in Milk while wearing a princess crown in a more brilliant aesthetic than from this great guy!

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